Erin Altrama

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Adoption is full of scenes from our shared humanity. Take a peek at the approximate numbers listed for UK, Ireland and USA in the right hand column. It affects billions worldwide.

To say the words ‘I was adopted’ or ‘our child is adopted’ or ‘I gave up a child to adoption’ is not easy. For me it is always accompanied with an uncomfortable moment of uncertainty as to what the response will be.

Within a natural biological family, a child experiences mirroring every day from members of its genetic family. How they raise an eyebrow, walk, tone of voice, metabolism, sporting talent, musical talent, artistic, physical strength, etc, not forgetting physical resemblances. These are known as genetic markers and are fundamental to who we are, providing building blocks for true personality to blossom. This all takes place at a subconscious level and is not something biological families give much thought to.

For me as an adopted child to describe this it would be to say it feels like reflections flicker in the mirror but become distorted by the 'differences'.

It is true to say there is a part in everyone that lives alone.

Thank you for reading.

Please have a look now at Candle in the Mirror.This book gives some insight into an adopted person’s world. The one lived out of sight from those who know and love us. Adoption stories are numerous and it would appear, according to exposure given by media sources, mostly resolved. My quest for genetic background illustrates how resolution need not necessarily culminate with a happy ‘reunion’.