Candle in the Mirror

When trying to think of a pen name many permutations were rejected en route to Erin Altrama. This felt the right choice is because Erin means from Ireland and Altrama translates from the Irish language to 'adopted'.

On 27th February 1956 baby girl was born. The mother of the child wept, the baby cried. The mother knew why she wept, the baby did not.

They remained in the Good Shepherd mother and baby home until one rainy Saturday the nun came and took the child. The child cried and the mother wept...

"Given time the mother will forget and the child will forget," so said the nun.

What started as a gentle flame became fuelled by discoveries growing into an inferno of emotional content. I wandered in Ireland and encountered many interesting people during my search for identity. They each brought with them treasured moments from our shared humanity.

The subsequent events... could never have been predicted.

The raging fire has reduced now to a glowing ember, holding a new comprehension.

So please wander a while with me on a journey through my mind and read Candle in the Mirror.

Candle in the Mirror

Candle in the Mirror tells my story: a journey to seek roots and heritage.

Join Erin on her compelling search which leads to heart wrenching discoveries...

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All family names and locations within Ireland and the UK have been changed in order to protect identities. My story begins in 1956 when my biological mother, upon discovery of her pregnancy, travelled from Ireland to Scotland. Her daughter was born soon after, but has remained a lifelong secret.