Books by Erin Altrama


  • Candle in the Mirror

    I hope this book might give some insight into an adopted person's world. The one lived out of sight from those who know and love us. Adoption stories are numerous and it would appear, according to exposure given by media sources, mostly resolved. My quest for genetic background illustrates how resolution need not necessarily culminate with a happy 'reunion'. Join me on a compelling search for identity.

    Candle in the Mirror
  • When a Heart has no Ears

    When a Heart has no Ears

    Part 1 - For as long as my memory serves, I have written poetry. Most of it shall not see the light of day. I hope the contents of this little book convey something of the frailties of personal interactions and the vulnerabilities of love which surround us all.

    Part 2 - This section is a sharing of information gained by me when trying to accept a second rejection from my biological mother. It may contain some help to other adoptees and those close to us who can feel confused and frustrated, in their efforts to ease our emotional stress.

  • Adapted to Adoption

    Of course adoption can bring positive influences to a child's life. But, it is necessary to appreciate there is also loss involved for each member of the triad. It cannot be seen as a simple gain, gain solution for everyone which solves a problem.

    An adopted child has to adapt to a different set of sensory perceptions. Adoptive parents have to adapt to the needs of their new arrival. The child’s biological connections have to adapt to the knowledge their offspring will become part of another family. Therefore many complicated implications have to adapt in order to co habit in a positive way.

    Adapted to Adoption

    "So deep runs the connection between a child and its mother that the severing of that bond results in a profound wound from which neither ever fully recovers. If it cannot be avoided, it must be acknowledged and understood." - Nancy Verrier

Fiction Novels

  • Inion

    Inion by Erin Altrama

    Translates from the Irish language to:

    • Inion: Daughter
    • Erin: From Ireland
    • Altrama: Adopted

    Having spent a lot of time on factual books, it came as a great relief, to be able to immerse my mind in imagined places with invented people.

    A tale of romance, rape, de facto adoption, Irish Magdalene laundries, intrigue, all encompassed in a personal journey for Kirsty. The story begins with plans to extricate from a toxic marital relationship. Unexpected revelations from her deceased aunt, act as the catalyst to precipitate a series of spectacular changes in her life.

    Kirsty leaves Scotland in search of a village called Balvohan in County Kerry. Here she finds employment as temporary housekeeper for a lady recuperating from recent surgery. The main objective of her quest is to find out facts surrounding her adoption from a Magdalene laundry.

    Sister Mary Cecelia has returned home to nurse her terminally ill brother. The nun provides potential to act as a link to retrieve information. But, is she willing to help?

    Although dealing with deeply emotive subjects the book is interspersed with humour from Mattie, the dubious Dubliner who launches his seduction techniques in an attempt to captivate Kirsty and the nun.

    Then there is Sam, who is just Sam with his boyish appeal and a lovely smile.