About my Adoption

Born in an era when secrecy prevailed in Adoption practices, I reluctantly subscribed to this secret society.

I love the diversity of words and their power to make a connection. For as long as I can remember I have tried to write fictional stories. The factual narration undertaken with Candle in the Mirror, probably acted as a catharsis, freeing me to indulge my imagination again. One of my fears is how much can become lost in translation.

My story begins in 1956 when my biological mother, upon discovery of her pregnancy, travelled from Ireland to Scotland. Her daughter was born soon after, but has remained a lifelong secret. She requested only that her child be adopted by a Catholic Irish family.

I was adopted by a loving couple and lived with my parents in the suburbs. I was educated initially at a Sacred Heart Convent and subsequently at an Ursuline Convent. In my late teens I attended college and trained to become a teacher. For the last fifteen years of my career I worked with special needs children. I am now retired.

My interests include walking our two dogs, reading, writing, current affairs and people. I live in a beautifully scenic area of rural Scotland with my husband, two dogs and a cat. We share two grown up children.